Cold Brew Coffee Liqueurs and Cascara Amari

Craft spirits that pay homage to specialty coffee cherries, fruits, nuts, and select botanicals.

Pop a cork and raise a glass!

Our Process

Spirit of 1737® Cold Brew Coffee Liqueurs: A 20 hour steep and meticulous filtration process transform our freshly roasted coffee beans into a complex cold brew of dark chocolate and toffee deliciousness. Carmelized raw sugars are then added to each liquor yielding first hints of the sophisticated, distinct, and nuanced flavors that after a lengthy aging process reveal themselves in each extraordinary elixir.

18 Cannons Amari: Up to 18 seasonally harvested herbs, fruits, and cascara (the cherry fruit of the coffee plant) are meticulously blended with our 100% golden potato vodka. This ambrosial mixture undergoes a series of filtrations to reveal complex flavor full 30% ABV amari.