Coffee Cocktails

Spirit of 1737 Cocktails

Indulge your senses in a delightful journey of coffee-infused mixology with our curated collection of enticing coffee liqueur cocktail recipes.

Espresso Martini

The classic Espresso Martini - This coffee cocktail is strong, sweet, and delicious and makes the perfect after dinner drink.

Use our 1737® Gold vodka coffee liqueur with hints of toffee and vanilla deliciousness.

Check out our Espresso Martini recipe here.

Tequila Espresso Margarita

Espresso Margarita, a rich, bittersweet drink featuring tequila, sweet pineapple, cocoa and espresso.

Use Spirit of 1737® Fiesta our tequila coffee liqueur with notes of sweet pineapple, cocoa and a hint of black pepper. 

Check out our espresso margarita recipe

Tequila Carajillo

The Tequila Carajillo can be described as a hybrid of an espresso martini and a traditional Mexican carajillo. The tequila dries out the sweetness from the traditional recipe and yields a balanced cocktail.

B 52

The B-52 is a classic layered shooter coffee drink that's both visually appealing and delicious. 

Here's our B-52 cocktail recipe for making a B-52 using our cognac coffee liqueur Spirit of 1737® Chêne

Chêne: Revolver

The Revolver is a modern classic made with bourbon, Spirit of 1737® Chêne coffee liqueur and orange bitters. It’s a modern alternative to a Manhattan.

Coffee Negroni

The Coffee Negroni is a modern classic cocktail made with gin, coffee liqueur, Campari and sweet vermouth. It’s a gin-forward, boozy, bittersweet coffee influenced negroni.

The Mind Eraser

The Mind Eraser layers coffee liqueur, vodka, and soda water in a delightfully refreshing drink! It’s not as potent as its name suggests.

Check out this coffee vodka cocktail recipe

White Russian

A White Russian is a classic cocktail known for its smooth and creamy taste. It's a simple drink that combines our Spirit of 1737® GOLD

Here’s our white Russian cocktail recipe.

18 Cannons™ Amaro Cocktails

Prema: Toronto

The Toronto is a great impressive cocktail to make for
someone who loves whiskey drinks. While it’s balanced, it’s much more bitter than sweet.

Prema: Martinez

Indulge your senses in the sophisticated allure of the Pour Richard’s 18 Cannons™ Prema: Martinez cocktail, a harmonious blend of flavors that pays homage to the rich heritage of amaro Italian liqueurs.

Saha: Boulevardier

The Boulevardier is a stunning classic cocktail! This easy three ingredient drink is the improved version of a Negroni, swapping gin for whiskey.

Saha: Paper Plane

The Paper Plane cocktail is a modern classic that’s a must try! It’s bittersweet and tangy, hitting a magical balance between bourbon and Pour Richard’s 18 Cannons™ Prema amaro liqueur.

Shanti: Highball

Sip on the zestful Shanti: Highball, a fusion of Pour Richard’s 18 Cannons™ Shanti amaro liqueur, Cascaway lightly lemon, and orange bitters. Garnish with citrus peel and thyme for an exquisite twist!

Shanti: Jungle Bird

The Jungle Bird is a tropical rum cocktail with a twist! The bitters in Pour Richard’s 18 Cannons™ Shanti offsets sweet pineapple juice to make a balanced, refreshing mixed drink.